Announcement about posting less on twitter over the summer

Due to some increased health issues I’ve had recently, I have cut back on my online activity over the past couple of weeks. I am going to use the summer to step back and focus on my health. I have taken the, the social networking community I created and maintain, off-line until September 1, 2011. Here’s a copy of the message I sent to all members of the I am trying to get more rest and get adjusted to being on a muscle relaxer medication again. Since I have restarted the muscle relaxer my pain and energy level have been more unpredictable than expected; so I have to get used to it or find a more appropriate dosage. I have not been online much at all the past few days. This has been very difficult for me because I enjoy connecting with people, reading and posting links to useful information on the and Twitter.

I’ve been focusing on three things to help prepare for better success with my future plans:

- Getting my pain and energy level stablized

- Implementing the new organizational strategy I decided on (I will talk about it more in a future post)

- Implementing a plan for backing up my personal data

I will not be as active on Twitter right now, but I will resume posting on a consistent basis September 1, 2011 when I relaunch the as well.

I am looking forward to the end of the year and a better start in 2012

Rudy Sims network off-line temporarily

Here’s a copy of the message I sent to all members of the

Hello to all members,


I have taken the network off-line temporarily and it will go live again on September 1, 2011.

The reasons I am taking the network off-line are:

  • I want to get my health back on track
  • I want to redesign the network to try to make it more accessible
  • I want to write a list of guidelines for the network
  • I want to focus more on finding help moderating and growing the network

It’s been a very difficult year for me; at the end of 2010 I was told that the medicine I had been taking to manage my pain was no longer available. Ever since then I’ve been dealing with a significant increase in my amount of pain and a significant decrease in my energy level. I’ve recently found out that the medication is available and will be making appointments with my doctor to figure out the correct dosage. I have not been able to contribute to and monitor the network nearly as much as I wanted too due to my current health problems and the work to update the template on the blogs I maintain. I would like everyone to know that all content currently on the network will not be affected by the network being offline. I sincerely apologize for having to take the network off-line but hopefully this will lead to a better and more useful site in the long run.

Welcome to


Welcome to and thanks very much for visiting. I’m Rudy Sims and

this is my personal site. I was born with cerebral palsy and I use a motorized wheelchair to get around.

My two main passions are:

- promoting greater awareness and understanding of disability, chronic illness and health issues in general.

- helping promote more kindness, compassion and understanding

I’ve been using the Internet for a very long time and I truly believe it can bring us together through sharing of information and experiences.

I have focused mostly on my first passion up to this point. One of the things I hope to do on this site for the future is to explore issues around my second passion as well. I love reading and learning about topics such as technology, social media, science, psychology, business and more. Hopefully, over time, I will be able to share my feelings and perspective on a wide variety of topics with the visitors to this blog.

To learn more about my personal story read this blog post

Please bear with me as I get things started here.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful day


Rudy Sims

about Rudy Sims

About me
I am currently 32 years old, I have a disability called cerebral palsy and I am in a wheelchair.  I was born with cerebral palsy and I have had three operations to try and manage it.  My last operation went badly and I experienced very severe postoperative chronic pain for 10 years.  In 2006, in what I believe is largely a miracle in combination with the right medication, the pain has gone away for the most part.

A little bit about my educational history
I started out in kindergarten in a special school for disabled children.  I was then invited to enter my local public school system around first-grade, I was the first person in a wheelchair to be part of my local school system.  Around the time I entered middle school, my local school system thought that I should go back  to a school for disabled children; my local school system did not want to make the necessary accommodations (an elevator in the schools and a personal aide to help me with things like going to the bathroom and taking notes) but my parents and I fought to keep me in the public school system.  I eventually graduated from my local high school and received a presidential scholarship from Ramapo College in Mahwah New Jersey, I chose to go there because of their very accessible campus.  Unfortunately I had to withdraw from college after two years due to the severe pain I mentioned earlier.

A little bit about my history with technology and the Internet
I have been using computers all my life.  My first computer was called the PET here is a link to the Wikipedia article on it my dad worked for digital equipment Corporation and he taught me all about technology and computers.  I’ve been on the Internet since the early 90s before there was a World Wide Web, my first Internet service was MCI. I created my first personal website in 1995 it was called Rudyspace  and it was on America Online’s free webspace.

I have created and maintain a social network using the Ning platform. The social network is devoted to disability issues and bringing disabled people together with the nondisabled. The address is

I use a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do my writing; its voice dictation software, I talk and it types what I say.

I am currently using a Text-to-speech software program named Textaloud to do most of my reading on the Internet.

My goals
- To create a successful business from my websites and help other people with disabilities and health problems
- To eventually obtain my Ph.D. in clinical psychology and write a book sometime in the future

It also has been one of my goals to have an enjoyable romantic life.

I am currently in a relationship with a beautiful and great woman named Janet who does not have a disability but is very supportive of my efforts to help other people with disabilities and health problems

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